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<table role="grid" class="responsive">
    <caption>If this table needs context, use this area.</caption>
            <th scope="col">Star Trek series</th>
            <th scope="col">Abbreviation</th>
            <th scope="col">Years aired</th>
            <td>The Original Series</td>
            <td><abbr title="The Original Series">TOS</abbr></td>
            <td>1966 - 1969</td>
            <td>The Next Generation</td>
            <td><abbr title="The Next Generation">TNG</abbr></td>
            <td>1987 - 1994</td>
            <td>Deep Space Nine</td>
            <td><abbr title="Deep Space Nine">DS9</abbr></td>
            <td>1993 - 1999</td>
            <td><abbr title="Voyager">VOY</abbr></td>
            <td>1995 - 2001</td>
            <td><abbr title="Enterprise">ENT</abbr></td>
            <td>2001 - 2005</td>
            <td><abbr title="Discovery">DSC</abbr></td>
            <td>2017 - </td>