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The City of Philadelphia’s logo is the most visible representation of the city, its people, and its visual identity. The logo is a valuable asset that must be used consistently in the proper, approved forms.

There are two color versions of the City of Philadelphia logo provided. Consider context, contrast with background color, and surrounding imagery when selecting which version to use.

The bell icon should always be yellow, unless the entire logo must be one color. In those cases, use the black and white logo.

Guidelines for using the City of Philadelphia logo:

  • Don’t recreate, crop, or reconfigure logo artwork.
  • Logo artwork must be uniformly scaled.
  • Logo artwork should appear against a solid background.
  • Don’t put a white box around the logo when placed on a dark background.
  • Don’t reproduce the logo in colors other than those specified.
  • Don’t add drop shadows.
  • Don’t change the orientation of the logo.
  • Don’t put text on top of the logo.

Public use is allowed, but use by external organizations must be approved by the Office of the City Representative.

The .zip files below provide high-quality versions of the logo in the following formats:

  • .png
  • .svg

Official logos

Yellow and white

City of Philadelphia
Download zip
PMS Gold - 122c


City of Philadelphia PMS Gold - 122c

Yellow and blue

City of Philadelphia PMS Blue - 301c | PMS Gold - 122c

All gray

City of Philadelphia PMS Gray - Cool gray

All white

City of Philadelphia
Download zip

If you represent a department that needs a logo, email and the team will provide you with one.

Department logo example
Department logo example


The City of Philadelphia logo and department logos must be recognizable, but do not have to meet the contrast ratios we follow for font usage. They use the Trebuchet font – a standard sans serif font that is artistic, accessible across all devices and platforms, and readable.


For websites, the City of Philadelphia logo is an .svg file with a .png fallback for older browsers. If you have included the full City of Philadelphia Standards JavaScript in your project, you can use the following:

<img src="" data-fallback="" alt="City of Philadelphia">

If you have not included the full Standards JavaScript, then you can use:

<img src="" alt="City of Philadelphia">